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Community Involvement

We Live Here, We Give Here

As Lost Pines approaches its 10-year anniversary,  we wanted to take a moment to reflect on how our customer's patronage has helped support our local community. As  longtime residents, we pride ourselves on giving back to our city and state, hiring local talent, and helping the next generation of tradespeople grow their skills. Lost Pines Fleet & Equipment Services has been honored to be support the following organizations:

We all know that these are unprecedented economic conditions. There are times when good people truly just need a helping hand, or a little extra support when it comes to health care costs. Smithville Community Clinic is the only free and charitable healthcare clinic in Bastrop for the medically uninsured. 


Keep Agriculture Alive

This event held in conjunction with the Smithville Noon Lion’s Club helps provide funds and scholarships to local students in the SISD Ag department interested in agriculture opportunities. Lost Pines F&ES is a true supporter of their local way of living. From large cattle operations to home-based farming, agriculture has been a life support to the local and surrounding communities. It continues to contribute many jobs and tax dollars to our schools and programs. Lost Pines F&ES has been honored to donate time and funds to this event.


This program is simply amazing! Understanding the idea of

automation and robotics is complicated enough for some people, but to these students (the “Tiger Trons,” as they’re know) it’s a challenge and a passion. Seeing programs like this excites us knowing that there are local, future technology-savvy community members laying the groundwork for tomorrow’s innovations. For example, autonomous vehicles and equipment are evolving at a breakneck rate, making it challenging for technicians to even keep pace. Having students that understand the principles and operations of this technology and sector ensure that tomorrow’s technician, programmer, and engineer that will be able to contribute to our society. We are more than excited to support them.


Started by local resident Samella Williams in 2012, Angels Unaware is a not-for-profit organization that addresses the problem of food insecurity among the youth in the Smithville ISD. They provide qualified students with backpacks filled with healthy meals to be eaten over the weekends. That first year of operations we fed only five students, and today that number has grown 300+ students assisted weekly. Angels Unaware also partners with the summer feeding program through SISD and the back-to-school supplies bash. Lost Pines Fleet & Equipment Services is proud to help with this program year around. We know we are lucky to have what we have in this life, and we want to make sure we give to those in hard times. We pray for protection and better times to come over these children and their families.


Anthony has donated time and business expertise as a board member for the Smithville Workforce Training Center, which was created to establish high-quality certification programs and build the capacity of the broader rural community. Members of the Center help individuals and other community members reach career goals and financial freedom by working past economic hardships due to a lack experience and skills in the trade industries. Increasing socioeconomic status in a low-income families and adding a professional pathway for the head of household can create a systemic benefit for future generations and local communities.


Smithville FFA

Because we have been blessed by our customers that do business with us, we are able to share the fruits of our labor with programs like 4H. We support local students with their animals, contribute to dietary supplementation for show animals, and assist with purchasing at show auctions. We believe that agriculture should be recognized and supported in our community and businesses so that future generations can conserve and appreciate this way of life.


We are honored to have donated working time to this unique facility in Bastrop, owned by a nonprofit and providing an experiential learning center for the benefit of both U.S. military veterans and the second-chance horses that live there. Its programs focus on holistic health, sustainable agriculture, and community-building activities aimed at restoring the physical vitality and emotional health of all involved. Not only does this organization support the ag-friendly way of life we love about Bastrop County, it gives back to our military heroes who have scarified so much for our country.


Bastrop County Area Go Texan is a great not-for profit group that give scholarships to high school students in Bastrop County. They run multiple fundraisers a year, and we love being able to give back to the students of this county. We believe that all children should have the ability to learn and excel without having to worry about money. What Go Texan does is just a small but important piece to help these kids succeed. Again, supporting our future residents is key in ensuring a positive future for our community.

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